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Toulouse: capital of Southwest France

Take advantage of your flight reservation for Toulouse to plan your stay in the capital of Southwest France! This gourmet destination is brimming with natural and historical attractions. Tolosa the Occitan will sweep you off your feet...

The Saint-Sernin Basilica, the Jacobins Convent, the Saint-Etienne Cathedral, the Roman amphitheater at Purpan, the Roman baths at Ancely: monuments and historic sites abound in Toulouse, the capital of the Visigoth kingdom in the 5th century. The Les Abattoirs modern art museum, the Musée du Vieux Toulouse, the Musée Saint Raymond: tour through 2,000 years of art and history! In the pink city, known for the Roman stone of its distinctive architecture, the cultural happenings are no less remarkable than the history and include famous concerts and festivals (Rio Loco, Jazz31, Toulouse Festival d'Été). The capital of Southwest France is also an excellent destination for your taste buds: cassoulet, local foie gras and confit de canard are on the menu, accompanied by Armagnac and a nice Gaillac or Cahors wine. And to take advantage of the sunny climate in Toulouse, take a well-deserved break in one of the city's many parks or in the Prairie des Filtres, along the banks of the Garonne. Finally, take advantage of your trip to Toulouse to visit the Cité de l'Espace or the Aéroscopia Museum, two sites that underscore the close connections between the city, the skies, infinity and the universe!

Your flight to Toulouse takes you to a student-friendly town that likes to party. Head to the Place Saint-Pierre for a night out on the town! Feel like shopping? Toulouse has what you're looking for, with its local markets and shop-lined streets. At sundown, when the temperature drops, take a cruise down the Garonne. You will sail through the Canal du Midi and the Canal de Brienne, both listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites.