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Gezondheid en comfort
Anti-stress cursus
A workshop to learn all about air travel, meet the crew and learn why the safest means of travel is by air.
Stress-free flying

The "Stress-free flying" workshop includes:
- An interview with a flight stress specialist.
- A course to familiarize you with aircrafts.
- A session in a flight simulator
- Information to the crew on your next flight.

  • An individual meeting with a stress specialist
    - Before the workshop, on the day of your choice, you will have a personal meeting with a stress specialist. Your relationship to flying will be analyzed, and a strategy to improve it will be laid out.
    - It is essential to determine the origin and nature of the anxiety that flying causes in you. Everyone feels some stress, but intensity and causes vary - the flight-stress specialist will help you understand your anxiety more clearly.

  • A theoretical class on stress and aeronautics
    Each session will bring together four trainees, a flight-stress specialist, and a commercial pilot:
    - Isabelle David will outline the theory and basics of stress management.
    - The pilot will give you a basic introduction to aerodynamics and aeronautics.
    This is a privileged moment of encounter and exchange with flight professionals, as they take the time to listen to you, and help you overcome your fear of flying.

  • A session in a flight simulator
    In a simulator, an exact replica of a real cockpit, you will be piloting an aircraft and managing a full range of in-flight conditions (turbulences, mechanical incidents, emergency procedures, etc.).
    This session will take place after the theoretical course, at the Air France Pilot Training Center in Paray/Orly, near Paris.

  • Informing the crew
    After completing the workshop, recommendations will be made to the crew so that, whenever possible, you will receive a personalized welcome upon your next flight with Air France.
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  • This workshop is for all passengers wishing to finally fly stress-free.
  • Workshops take place several times a month – each session lasting about seven hours – in the Air France Pilot Training Center in Paray/Orly, near Paris.
  • The cost is 600 euros (the fees may be covered through an employer-paid training contract – certification number: 11 95 036 93 95).

    To enroll:
    Tel : +33 (0)1 41 56 47 56

A few passengers’ experiences

Over 80% of the passengers who have followed this workshop now trust air travel and no longer feel apprehensive before, or during flights.
Here are some excerpts of letters from workshop participants:

"…to my great surprise, my first flight after the workshop went just fine. This is because I now understand everything that´s happening during a flight, all this thanks to your workshop…"

"...I´d like to say that this workshop really delivers as promised! I took off and the flight was really enjoyable. Although I felt very stressed at first, I quickly grew confident. The progress is really amazing..."

"...I´m no longer worried at the idea of going abroad to sign a contract. This is bliss! … the flight went perfectly, as I put into practice the techniques you taught me during the anti-stress workshop..."

A reference guide

The guide book How to Cure Your Fear of Flying answers all your questions
- how does an airplane fly?
- what is aeronautics stress?
- hints and tips to help you prepare your trip.

Marie-Claude Dentan, Doctor of Psychology, developed this guidebook in collaboration with Captain Noël Chevrier. Michel Polacco, an aviator and journalist, also collaborated.

You can order this guide by sending a check for €6, made out to the order of
Air France, at the following address:
Air France - OA.NB
6 rue de Madrid
95747 Roissy cedex
Tel : 33 (0)

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