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 Air France takes great care of your baggage. In order to check it in the best conditions, we offer you advice and useful information.

New standards for the transportation of liquids
Before you leave
At the airport
During your flight
Upon arrival

New standards for the transportation of liquids

New security measures have been released concerning articles prohibited in the cabin and the transportation of liquids.

These measures apply to all flights departing from or transferring via a member state of the European Union (including French overseas territories), regardless of destination. For more information, consult the heading "Transportation of liquids in the cabin".

Transportation of liquids

Before you leave

  • Try to use hard-shell baggage.
  • Remember to remove labels from previous flights.
    They could delay delivery of your baggage.
  • Do not pack fragile objects into your hold baggage. If it is impossible for you to do otherwise, make certain these items are properly protected (reinforced and waterproof packaging).
  • Both inside and outside each of your baggage items, write your name, permanent address and your destination address legibly.
    Labels for this purpose are available at the Air France check-in counters at the airport.

A baggage protection service using plastic film is available at the Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport.

At the airport

When checking in, a destination label is affixed to each baggage item. Receipts for these labels are then given to you.
Make sure that:

  • the label indicates the correct destination and the correct flight number,
  • your baggage is checked in all the way to your final destination if you have connecting flights.
Keep your baggage label receipts safe. This measure means any lost baggage items can be found more easily.

During your flight

In your hand baggage, keep objects which are fragile, valuable, required for your comfort during the flight: water, medicine, baby food, etc.

You cannot access your checked-in baggage.

Upon arrival

All baggage items look alike! Take the time to check that you are reclaiming your own baggage items by:
  • checking your name,
  • comparing the label number affixed to your baggage with the number on the receipt you were given at check-in.
Upon arrival, remove the previous destination address labels so as to avoid any confusion the next time you travel.
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