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Passagiers met een mobiliteitsbeperking
Passagiers met overgewicht
Zwanger op reis

 Are you a passenger with a high body mass?
Find useful advice and tips so you can travel in complete comfort.

For your comfort, if you require a 2nd seat, remember to indicate this when making your reservation.
The widths of our onboard seats correspond to maximum waist measurements of:
- 135 cm in Tempo and Alizé cabins,
- 200 cm in l´Espace Affaires and l´Espace Première cabins.
Air France agents will notify you of availability, fee scales and any reductions on the additional seat.
Booking a second seat guarantees you a more comfortable and non-restrictive trip.

Please note:
If the flight is full and you have not reserved a 2nd seat, you may be refused permission to board for safety reasons if your body mass does not allow you to sit in a single seat.
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