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 We are happy to welcome mothers-to-be onboard our flights.
Here is a little information and some advice to help you prepare for trips with the minimum of fuss.

Medical consent

Remember to specify that you are pregnant when making your reservation. You will benefit from our utmost care and attention.
Is your pregnancy going according to plan? If so, mothers-to-be can travel with no extra formalities on Air France lines up to the end of the 8th month of their pregnancy.
During the 9th month of pregnancy, you will need medical consent, given by the Air France medical department:

Air France - Service Médical

148 avenue de l´Université
75007 Paris - France
In the event of a difficult pregnancy, Air France medical consent is required regardless of the due date.
For your safety and well-being, Air France advises that you obtain a medical certificate indicating the due date of your pregnancy. This may be requested at check-in.
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