Uma Nota, Brazil and Japan in the spotlight

Uma Nota, Brazil and Japan in the spotlight

On the heels of a successful experience in Hong Kong, Uma Nota has travelled all the way to France and set up home in the 2nd arrondissement.

If you have never tried Japanese-Brazilian fusion cuisine, it may well be time to do so. Japanese migrant workers began to arrive in São Paulo in the 1920s, in response to the labour shortage on the coffee plantations. They settled primarily in the Liberdade neighbourhood and taking inspiration from the local products as well as their own culinary knowledge, invented a cuisine which is now a star of street food culture. And so, the Uma Nota restaurant is an invitation to travel. Sip on a delicious caïpirinha while waiting for a table, and gaze at the colourful decoration, which brings to mind the charm of vibrant South American streets. Once seated, try the various Brazilian dishes with Japanese overtones, in abundance on the menu. Chicken yakitori come with chipotle sauce, beef is cooked in Brazilian fried dumplings with cheese and crab meat comes with plantain. A perfect spot for fish lovers, and for those who love to share a meal and spend a fun evening among friends.

Uma Nota
86 rue Réaumur
75002 Paris

+33 (0)1 42 33 07 71

Menu: around 20 EUR