Tours of the rainforest canopy in Monteverde

Tours of the rainforest canopy in Monteverde

Glide on zip lines and cross suspension bridges high above the ground and amidst the trees of the tropical rainforest for summit meetings with fauna and flora.

In recent years, rainforest canopy tours, with zip lines and suspension bridges, have flourished in Costa Rica. The first were set up in the Monteverde area. They make it possible to get up high and go from tree to tree to benefit from a unique perspective, away from the level of the cows, to observe the dense life that prevails in the foliage.

The ‘cloud forest' of Monteverde (‘bosque nuboso' in Spanish), also called the ‘tropical high forest', is home to over 3,200 species of plants, 700 kinds of trees, and 500 types of orchids, flowers that notably attract hummingbirds. This unique ecosystem is due to moisture and fog prevailing in the area at the confluence of air currents from the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea.

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