The rhythms of Cape Town: music to your ears

The rhythms of Cape Town: music to your ears

Discover Cape Town through its music, culture, art… There are many ways to learn about the various facets of this rich urban area.

A jazz musician plays a tune for you, at his home. For choral enthusiasts, it's the same song. You are invited to dine with a duo or a trio of singers whose repertoire goes far beyond gospel to include Malay rhythms and more. These rare moments are brought to you by Coffeebeans Routes, a group that loves nothing less than to show you Cape Town off the beaten track. The Jazz Safari tour offers you the possibility of sharing a meal and an evening with an artist under his very own roof.

Classic jazz notes mingle with those of the local Cape jazz, goema, in a fascinating musical dialogue. The second act of the evening may continue at a concert or at another jazz musician's home. The new Choral Music Tour lets you in on private concerts. So much invisible sheet music that lets you read the city differently.

Exchange is king and you will go home with a wealth of experiences. Coffeebeans Routes also offers other day trips and even entire vacations on a range of themes: local cuisine, design, art, wine, the explosion of craft breweries or 'Township Futures' to discuss these sprawling areas and how they will be part of tomorrow's Cape Town. Take your pick!

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