The Neel – Tote on the Turf: spiced with modernity

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The Neel – Tote on the Turf: spiced with modernity

Tote on the Turf remains a gastronomic and contemporary design reference in Mumbai.

The deGustibus Hospitality group owns the Indigo chain of very good restaurants, the Tote on the Turf, and the catering business Moveable Feast. Separated from their gastronomic star chef Rahul Akerkar since March 2015, it is now Mukhtar Qureshi who has taken over as executive chef, with whom Akerkar launched the Neel Tote on the Turf.

In the kitchen, Sanjay Sutare had to learn not to cook chicken with butter, become familiar with olive oil, and bring a modern touch to traditional Muslim Nawabi recipes. Sample the range of more than 50 succulent skewers with paneer tikka an Indian cheese, marinated and grilled in a spicy sauce with vegetables with stuffed and grilled mushrooms, as well as the New Zealand lamb.

Tote on the Turf is set in a grove of ancient trees near the Mahalaxmi Racecourse under cathedral ceilings lit with a soft golden light, where industrial design blends with lovely black leather. It's a refined and sophisticated ambiance, signed by the young designer Kapil Gupta.

Neel – Tote on the Turf
Gate No. 5 & 6, Mahalaxmi Race Course
Maharashtra 400034

+91 (0)22 61 57 77 77

Menu: around 1,000 INR