The Chasselas de Moissac grape: a fruit of great character

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The Chasselas de Moissac grape: a fruit of great character

You can find this delicious white grape with a thousand virtues just outside of Toulouse.

Enjoy a rustic interlude in Moissac about 50 kilometres from Toulouse, a lovely town surrounded by orchards and fragrant vineyards.

The climate of the valley allows the culture of many fruits, including that of the famous Chasselas de Moissac grape, which has made the reputation of the city. Come taste it in its myriad forms and discover its highly detoxifying properties. Its consumption helps to purify the body and to rapidly regenerate cells, so the Chasselas course of treatment is a classic in the region. During your time in the medieval city, you can also visit the Saint-Pierre Abbey and adjoining cloisters, masterpieces of Roman art that have been listed as UNESCO World Heritage sites.

While you are there, book a table at M. 1474, the restaurant at the Le Moulin de Moissac hotel, for a gourmet fine-dining experience. The splendid views of the surrounding countryside and the bucolic banks of the Tarn are an additional attraction.

Le Moulin de Moissac
1 promenade Sancert
82200 Moissac
+33 (0)5 63 32 88 88

Abbaye Saint-Pierre de Moissac
6 place Durand de Bredon
82200 Moissac
+33 (0)5 63 04 01 85