Rooster, it feels like the south of France in Batignolles

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Rooster, it feels like the south of France in Batignolles

After four years and one star in New York, Marseille-born chef Frédéric Duca is now leaving his imprint at Rooster, in the heart of the 17th arrondissement.

The large picture window shows bucolic flower creations laid on wooden tables, an open kitchen where a team keeps creating, amid a modern bistro environment. In the Batignolles neighbourhood (in the 17th arrondissement), Rooster is a restaurant that makes a splash.

It is run by a big name in the world of gastronomy. Among the chefs who took Paris by storm, Frédéric Duca is a special case: former pupil of Hélène Darroze, he managed L'Instant d'Or, for which he won a Michelin star in 2013, before leaving for the USA. The name of his latest culinary venture is therefore a nod to his own journey: the rooster is the perfect French emblem, used here in Mark Twain's language. Like a bit of New York in the French Capital.

With his guests, Frédéric Duca loves to share the food of his childhood in the south of France. The seasonal menu is short and may include gnocchi served with squids, fish stew and aioli juice, porgy fish with Spring vegetables, bisque and lemon balm or a milk lamb casserole for two with baby new potatoes and chard. The change of scenery is guaranteed.

137, rue Cardinet
75017 Paris

+33 (0)1 45 79 91 48

Menu: around 48 EUR