Museum of Jade: green gold rush

Museum of Jade: green gold rush

If Costa Rica is renowned for being green, it's of course thanks to its prodigious flora—but it's also due to the splendid collections of San José's Museum of Jade.

With its move to a modern building in 2014, the museum has further enhanced the showcasing of works and pieces of pre-Columbian jade (wrought between 500 BC and 800 AD). Divided into different themed rooms, the museum shows the various uses to which the gemstone was put in daily life (hunting, gathering), sacrifices, music, etc. Many pendants have a cutting bottom, like a chopper, while the upper part takes the form of human figures, birds, and reptiles. These objects are the artistic translation of the animist beliefs of the country's peoples, whose cultural and natural environment are also detailed in a museum enriched by a modern and educational display design. The role of shamans is particularly well defined: these religious leaders, intermediaries between the earthly world and that of the spirit, were said to have the power to transform themselves into animals, such as jaguars…

Museo del Jade
Avenida Central calle 13 y 13 bis
Plaza de la Democracia
San José

+506 2521 6610