Lazing on the beach in Sámara

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Lazing on the beach in Sámara

This human-scale resort has kept the spirit of the town and is a restful stopover, courtesy of its large sandy beach on the Pacific Ocean.

The cove, set among green hills, forms a kind of cocoon for vacationers in search of serenity. Easily accessible, well served by transport infrastructures, offering a range of accommodations to suit all budgets, and dotted with restaurants, bars, cafés, and shops (including an organic grocery store), the village of Sámara will charm you with its relaxed and friendly atmosphere as much as it will by the frescoes of street art adorning its facades here and there. In addition, the town has the advantage of hidingits various buildings under the trees and vegetation, preserving the beauty of the coast. You can also contemplate the resort from the steep tiny island of Chora, which emerges on the left side of the beach, a headland that is particularly accessible for sea kayakers or stand-up paddlers because of the bay's calm waters.

Playa Sámara
Provincia de Guanacaste