La Dame de Pic: the queen of our hearts

La Dame de Pic: the queen of our hearts

This Parisian restaurant is a gastronomic ace, and its kitchen, open to the street, needs no cards hidden up its sleeve.

In the female celebrity chef category, Anne-Sophie Pic with her 8 Michelin stars is the grande dame of the Parisian restaurant scene and the most decorated female chef in the world.

This master restaurateur has set out to create a feminine establishment, in shades of pale pink and white, and an intimate, relaxed atmosphere. Come here, and you will always be playing your cards right. On the menu, you will love the flame-grilled Vendée mackerel accompanied by roast artichoke with green chartreuse and warm vinaigrette with smoked pike caviar; or the squab pigeon sourced from the Anezo de Mesquer family, marinated with red vine leaf and blackcurrant leaf.

We shall not taint the surprise of the full menu. This restaurant has many strengths, including long tables d'hôte and a 49-euro lunch menu. Admit that you cannot "pass" this one!

La Dame de Pic
20 rue du Louvre
75001 Paris

+33 (0)1 42 60 40 40

Menu: from 70 EUR