L'Avant-Poste, for politically committed country cuisine

militant bistro
L'Avant-Poste, for politically committed country cuisine

Here you will find one of the most politically activist tables in Paris. Located in the heart of a 19th century building, L'Avant-Poste offers local, short-circuit cuisine as part of its commitment to environmentally friendly fare.

A real country house, right in the centre of Paris. Just a few strides away from the Gare de l'Est, L'Avant-Poste has taken up in an old building that once housed a 19th-century tavern. The team behind the project is also known for Les Résistants, another restaurant that earned its reputation for approaching small agriculture as a philosophy and focusing on a return to the land. The team's stated goal is “eat better” - and that also means consuming more ethically. The L'Avant Poste certainly makes small distribution cuisine stand out, thanks to a menu that changes daily - or even at the last minute, depending on the deliveries of the day. Behind the range, chef Gaëtan Coculo serves up generous plates that place vegetable-based cuisine front and centre. Gaetan assures that each product is carefully selected among “more than 300 small farmers, breeders, market gardeners, and wine growers.” On the back of the menu, the restaurant's charter explains how each product is chosen, with even stricter requirements than those needed to be labelled organic! What's more, such excellent quality for the price is a rare find in the French capital.

7 rue de la Fidélité
75010 Paris

+33 (0)9 81 41 01 07


Carte : around 32 EUR