Japan: 5 customs you should know before the Rugby World Cup

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Japan: 5 customs you should know before the Rugby World Cup

From 20 September to 2 November 2019, the Land of the Rising Sun will thrill to the adventures of the oval ball. Discover Japan with its disconcerting habits and customs.

Another world opens up as you disembark in Tokyo or Osaka. In the Japanese archipelago, ancient traditions rub shoulders with a lively avant-gardism. Quite disconcerting for the traveller.

So, you will discover with amazement some of the customs to be adopted in public. Here, people avoid talking too loudly or blowing their nose openly. Discretion is the greatest form of courtesy.

Feeling a little peckish, you venture into a restaurant. You admire the food models in the window. At the entrances to many establishments, the managers like to show you what you are going to eat and want to make your choice easier, even if you do not speak the language.

Once inside, you will be surprised to learn that, in order not to offend the Japanese, you should avoid sticking chopsticks in your bowls of rice. This is in fact a reminder of the incense sticks left near graves and in places of meditation and worship.

Likewise, you will doubtless be taken aback as you notice that many guests make noise while eating. In fact, eating ramen noisily is approved of. The chef sees it as a compliment.

After this meal, you mustn't miss out on a truly Japanese experience; karaoke. These establishments are real Japanese institutions, where you can spend an evening like the locals, in the heart of a fascinating culture.