In Paris, Easter eggs shine at Jacques Genin

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In Paris, Easter eggs shine at Jacques Genin

The colours are bold, bright, joyful and surprising! Easter eggs from chocolatier Jacques Genin turn chocolate lovers' heads. Get an inside look at the workshop.

At the heart of the Marais in Paris, you can feel the effervescent atmosphere in the Jacques Genin workshop. The renowned artisan chocolatier, who supplies more than 200 of the best restaurants and hotels in France with his exquisite creations, opened his own high-end dessert shop in 2008. He now has two, to the great delight of sweets lovers everywhere.

With Easter right around the corner, the self-taught chocolate-maker and self-described rebel is gearing up with his teams to prepare the holiday's quintessential chocolate eggs. The chocolatier was one of the first in Paris to offer eggs in bright, bold colours. The secret to these unrivalled shiny delicacies is one Genin keeps closely guarded.

The patterns come straight from the imagination of artist Corinne Jam, with whom Genin collaborates. The painter sketches out her ideas, this year inspired by Polynesian culture, on moulds of colourful cocoa butter. Each stroke of the brush is an attempt to reproduce the wonder she felt when she discovered the Oceanic arts and their interplay of softness and strength.

Genin then fills the moulds with melted chocolate. For 2019, the chocolatier chose a Madagascar 71% cocoa that is sure to please aficionados. A few layers of chocolate later, the eggs are removed from their moulds. The two halves are then carefully assembled by hand to create the tempting globes that will brighten Paris tables. Each one will then be lightly melted on the bottom to stand up straight. All that is left is to enjoy them!

Chocolaterie Jacques Genin
133 rue de Turenne
75003 Paris
+33(0)1 45 77 29 01