Hotel Paradiso, a night at the movies

Hotel Paradiso, a night at the movies

The Paradiso is unlike any other hotel in Paris. It has transformed its rooms into private cinemas, so you can enjoy a night at the movies from the comfort of your bed.

You would never guess what lies behind the doors of the 34 rooms and two suites at the Hotel Paradiso, in the 12th arrondissement. Each one is equipped with its own projector and a huge screen, so with a few swipes of a tablet, you can turn your room into a private cinema. True, there are a few clues in the film posters and cinema magazines scattered around the common areas, and of course in the hotel's name, which is a nod to the 1988 Italian film Cinema Paradiso, written and directed by Giuseppe Tornatore.

However, everything about this extraordinary hotel is designed to immerse you in a unique cinema experience: the building is actually an extension of the 6-screen MK2 Nation arthouse cinema, to which lucky guests receive free admission. An impressive cast of creative talents were involved in the design of the hotel, including artists JR and Christian Boltanski and the musician, director and graphic designer Woodkid.

The tablet by your bed also offers unlimited access to all video on demand platforms, as well as a selection of films produced by MK2 to watch on the impressive screen that takes up one side of your room. Gamers have been catered for too, as a PlayStation 5 console is also provided with the projection screen. The experience extends beyond your room. You can continue to feed your appetite for film with the open-air showings that the Paradiso organises on its rooftop terrace. It really is a cinephile's paradise!

Hotel Paradiso
135 boulevard Diderot
75012 Paris France

+33 (0)1 88 59 20 01

Chambre : à partir de 135 EUR