Fumé, a Mediterranean smokehouse

meat - fusion
Fumé, a Mediterranean smokehouse

Chef Ruben Sarfati mixes American-barbecue-like smoked meat with Israeli specialities. The result? A hybrid and original place for food lovers.

Only a few steps from the Champs-Élysées, Fumé is the new culinary hotspot of Paris' 8th arrondissement. Like the name suggests, the restaurant serves smoked food, using mainly oak and hickory woods. In the kitchen, young chef Ruben Sarfati blends a New York-style smokehouse with Mediterranean recipes. Indulge in a sundried tomato hummus, before tackling a smoked dish, meat or fish, served with Israeli fried artichokes and sweet potatoes.

If meat is undoubtedly the star of the establishment, vegetables are just as good, grown and produced in Ruben Sarfati's personal farm in a nearby region on the outskirts of Paris. The restaurant's menu serves kosher food, which will allow lactose-intolerant patrons to still enjoy gourmet desserts. End the meal with a unique cookie, made from chocolate that also underwent a smoking process!

10, rue Berryer
75008 Paris

+33 (0)9 53 33 20 76


Menu: around 29 EUR