Four incredible natural phenomena to see around the world

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Four incredible natural phenomena to see around the world

From Ireland to South Africa, California, Peru and Chile, spectacular nature awaits you. Take a world tour of these magical phenomena.

In Ireland, 40,000 columns of volcanic rocks form the incredible Giant's Causeway that extends into the sea. Legend has it that it was built by an Irish giant to fight his Scottish enemy. The stones tossed onto the water linked the two lands to allow the two rivals to battle.

Along the coasts of Chile and Peru, you will find another surprising “rock”: the piure. Behind its rocky appearance lies a marine animal with bright red flesh that can be eaten raw, seasoned with a dash of lemon juice and coriander, or cooked and served with fried rice.

Thousands of flowers in the desert? This is the supernatural spectacle that you just might get a chance to see in the state park of Anza-Borrego, located to the south of Los Angeles. The blooming of sunflowers, lilies and desert poppies depends on the amount of rainfall during the previous winter.

One of the world's largest animal migrations takes place just off the coasts of South Africa. For divers, these schools of fish stretching over several kilometres are both a fascinating ballet and a unique occasion to see various predators such as sharks and other marine mammals, who join in the choreography that will give them their next meal.

Giant's Causeway
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Anza-Borrego Desert State Park
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