Arroyo: one of the biggest restaurants in the world

Arroyo: one of the biggest restaurants in the world

With seating for up to 2,200 patrons, Arroyo, in lively Tlalpan, is not to be missed.

Under high ceilings covered with colourful Mexican motifs, the Arroyo restaurant spans nine indoor and outdoor dining rooms, making it ideal for large-scale fiestas. On stage and among the tables, the mariachis play and sing the most typical Mexican tunes with emotion. The restaurant even has its own arena for cockfighting. The long communal tables are filled with locals who come with their families to celebrate and watch Arroyo's hearty cuisine being prepared by women dressed in traditional clothes.

Discover pre-Columbian flavours, like slow-cooked roast mutton or, for the less timid, soft ant larvae. Among contemporary Mexican dishes, try a thick tortilla, called a sope, stuffed with refried beans, chicken, lettuce, and cheese, or roasted meats accompanied by generous servings of stewed cactus and corn tortillas.

Avenida Insurgentes Sur 4003
14000 Ciudad de México, D.F.

+52 55 5573 4344

Menu: around 450 MXN